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The Way to Happiness Custom Booklets

Each person has an effect on someone else—positive or negative.

Whether one runs a company or just on a personal level, one can influence others. One of the infinite ways to do so positively is with The Way to Happiness booklet.

The message of the booklet includes sharing it with others. To make this even more possible, The Way to Happiness Foundation has state-of-the-art graphic design and print-on-demand facilities at its headquarters in Glendale, California, to produce booklets with customized covers in 114 languages for any individual, group, corporation or agency that wishes to forward this message of good will.

The Way to Happiness Foundation also provides reprint rights to corporations, institutions or agencies that wish to print large quantities of The Way to Happiness booklets for mass distribution to entire schools, communities or countries.

By distributing The Way to Happiness, person to person, hand to hand, calm will flow outward and outward.

These personalized booklets are sold in bundles of twelve booklets for $24.

Help others with The Way to Happiness. Pass it on!

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